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What is a Soffit?

SoffitA soffit is the area between the top of the wall cabinets and the ceiling. It may also be referred to as the bulkhead.

The soffit is the space between the ceiling and the top of the wall cabinets. It is usually 12 inches high, although dimensions vary according to each kitchen’s design. The soffit, which may be referred to as the bulkhead, extends over the edge of the wall cabinets. It often houses wires, vents and pipes to keep them concealed from view. A soffit may be made of drywall, but stainless steel versions are also available. Some soffits contain decorative elements, such as wallpaper, paint or even plate racks. Some homeowners may be tempted to remove the soffit to extend their cabinet storage. This should only be attempted if the soffit is not concealing electrical elements that extend throughout the kitchen. Otherwise, removing the soffit could gain homeowners an extra foot of storage space.

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