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What is a Bridge Cabinet?

Bridge CabinetA bridge cabinet is a storage space that is used to fill the space between two other wall cabinets. Bridge cabinets are frequently used over stoves, refrigerators and sinks.

A bridge cabinet is an easy and appealing way to add storage space to a kitchen. Bridge cabinets are often used to fill in smaller spaces where traditional cabinet sizes might not fit, such as above stoves, sinks or refrigerators. Bridge cabinets are often less than 30 inches tall. The small size of a bridge cabinet is ideal for storing cookbooks, small glasses or small appliances that are used infrequently. In addition to providing extra storage space, a bridge cabinet can create a line of continuity between wall cabinets. Most bridge cabinets need to be anchored to the adjoining wall cabinets as well as to the ceiling in order to be as sturdy and as safe as possible. Bridge cabinets are available in the same finishes and styles as traditional kitchen cabinets. A bridge cabinet can also provide extra storage space for home offices, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

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