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What is the Transitional Style?

the Transitional StyleThe transitional style is used to define kitchens that are somewhere between the traditional and modern styles. It may also be referred to as an updated classic style or as a classic style with a contemporary twist.

The transitional style of décor combines elements of both traditional and contemporary designs. It is often used when homeowners prefer to blend elements from different eras as they personalize each room. Clean, neutral colors are usually used on the walls in order to allow the furniture, fabrics and wood to be the focal point of the room. Stainless steel or black fixtures provide a sleek, modern atmosphere, while plush furniture allows homeowners to comfortably relax. In a kitchen, the transitional style allows homeowners to keep their original appliances without hiding them behind panels. Stainless steel surfaces allow the kitchen to be sanitary and modern, while cabinets stained in a dark finish provide the room with warmth.

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