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What is Vinyl Laminate?

Vinyl LaminateVinyl laminate is a thin layer of paper and vinyl that is used to protect many interior surfaces of cabinet units. Some exterior surfaces of cabinets are also covered in vinyl laminate.

Vinyl laminate is a product that is made by combining paper and vinyl. It is often placed inside cabinet units to protect the shelves from being damaged as the cabinets are being used. It can also be placed on the ends of cabinet units, on door panels or on cabinet frames. Vinyl laminate is very durable and is resistant to scratching and tearing. It is also very easy to clean. Vinyl laminate comes in several varieties, and some types are manufactured to look like wood. There are also several colors available for homeowners that want to use it to cover their existing cabinets. However, homeowners should keep in mind that vinyl laminate should not be used on cabinet units that are not structurally sound. Any damaged pieces should be replaced, and then the new pieces can be covered in the vinyl laminate.

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