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What is a Wall Angle Cabinet?

Wall Angle CabinetA wall angel cabinet is a cabinet whose front face matches the flat run of the cabinetry run while its backside is cut to match a wall corner. Wall angle cabinets can also be referred to as corner cabinets, but not all wall angle cabinets are designed for a corner. Sometimes, due to plumbing or electrical requirements, walls may be finished with a peculiar angular section or inlay. If this is the case, the use of a wall angle cabinet minimizes the interruption to the symmetry of the room by conforming to the contours of the wall without having to create a disturbance to the aesthetics of the cabinetry itself.

One drawback to most wall angle cabinets is that their irregular shape can often limit their usefulness since their internal spacing is not uniform to a standard cabinet’s dimension. If this is the case, then many manufacturers will automatically include a lazy Susan for cabinets that expand passed the standard dimensions. Custom shaped shelving is typically included in cabinets that finish at a smaller dimension than is standard. In either case, the functionality of the cabinet is meant to be maintained while also preserving the surface aesthetic despite the irregularity of the cabinet’s internal dimensions.

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