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What is a Wall End Cabinet?

Wall End CabinetA wall end cabinet is the term used to describe a top cabinet that is at the end of a cabinetry run and has one full side of its box exposed. Since most kitchen cabinets incorporate some type of manufactured wood, like plywood, in the construction of the cabinet’s box it is not possible to simply place any one of the wall cabinets on the end of a run. Instead, what manufacturers do is create a wall cabinet that has an additional skin laid onto the exposed edge to mask the plywood construction.

For example, if the wall cabinets were constructed of Redwood, it is highly unlikely that the manufacturer would see fit to make the internal box and frame out of the same wood simply because the finished wall cabinet would be exceptionally heavy. Instead the box and frame would be constructed of plywood, but a thin veneer of the matching Redwood would be applied to the outer side of the designated wall end cabinet to complete the illusion that the entire cabinetry run was completely constructed of hardwood. Wall end cabinets are used where a cabinetry run encounters a window and where the cabinetry run ends at the entrance to the cooking area of many kitchens.

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