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What is a Wall End Shelf?

Wall End ShelfA wall end shelf is a way of finishing a cabinetry run with shelves rather than using an end cabinet. What makes this fixture unique is that it is made entirely of the same hardwood that comprises the rest of the cabinets. With most cabinets, a manufactured wood such as plywood is used to make the internal box. However, end pieces must incorporate veneers or solid wood to uphold the illusion of the entire cabinetry set being made of the same hardwood. A wall end shelf is built similarly to a cabinetry box so that the entire unit can be installed in the same manner as one would with any of the cabinets.

A wall end shelf is a complete unit, so this term should not be considered interchangeable with end shelves which are shelves that can be attached to a wall end cabinet. This type of shelving is added after the cabinetry run is installed, but there are differences that should be considered before choosing between a wall end shelf and end shelving. The primary difference is the amount of weight each can hold. A wall end shelf can support more weight of the two styles.

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