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What is Welded Wire Mesh?

Welded Wire MeshWelded wire mesh is a form of fencing that is created for use in any application that requires a rigid support with minimal weight. There are two primary applications for welded wire mesh in the kitchen. The first is the inclusion of wire mesh in the face of cabinet doors. This style of cabinetry dates back to frontier styling and brings a rustic aesthetic to any kitchen design. This is by far the most widely recognized use, but modern designers have begun using welded wire mesh in new ways.

By vinyl wrapping welded wire mesh, some designers are creating cabinet doors that are feather light and exceptionally thin. This economy of materials and weight is attractive to those looking for cutting edge styling in their kitchens. Overall, this style is functional, but it has not grown in popularity among the home renovations community because of its perceived lack of rigidness.

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