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4 Easy Ways to Add Space to Your Small Apartment Bathroom


Four Bathroom Storage Ideas

Finding the ideal apartment with the ideal amount of storage space in every room proves to be very difficult, if not impossible. In many cases, the storage space that one room offers may not be easily found in other areas of the apartment. However, when a small bathroom is the only thing that makes you hesitant to rent an otherwise perfect unit, you can take heart in knowing that you can remedy this situation quite easily. You can add storage space to your small apartment bathroom by following these three strategies.

Think Up, Not Out

What your bathroom lacks in square footage can be made up when you consider the height of the ceiling in this room. If your bathroom has a high ceiling, you can add your own storage a by adding ready-to-assemble shelves and pantries in this room. A space saving cabinet that fits over the toilet or a baker’s rack that can be fitted in a tight corner can give you plenty shelving and places to store your bathroom belongings. Using tall RTA fixtures can give you all the storage area you need to feel comfortable in this room.

Utilize Wall Hooks and Door Hangers

Rather than cluttering up your bathroom walls with pictures, you can get more storage space by hanging up wall hooks instead. Putting hooks along your walls can give plenty of places to hang clothing like robes, hang curling irons or hair dryers, or even hang a shower organizer within your shower or bathtub stall without having to take up space on existing shelves. Along with wall hooks, you can also invest in a door hanger that fits over the top of your bathroom door. The hanger also will give you a place to place clothing or towels without crowding your closet or under sink storage.

Use Laundry or Wicker Baskets

Baskets come in very handy when you are living in an apartment. If you do not have a lot of closet space in your bathroom, you can place a few baskets in this room and keep important items in them, like towels, wash cloths, shampoo, feminine hygiene products, and more. Smaller baskets can be fit snugly under or on top of the toilet tank. You can place a basket under your sink to keep more of your items stored. Even if you only have a few shelves available in your closet, you can maximize this area’s potential by keeping things placed inside baskets instead of on the shelves themselves.

Prioritize Your Bathroom Belongings

As a last resort, you may need to rethink what you really need to store in this room. If you have extra belongings left over even after utilizing these strategies, you should prioritize what you need each day to get ready for work or school. You may be able to keep other belongings elsewhere, such as in your bedroom or in a hallway closet. Prioritizing and only keeping what you truly need in that room will help you free up valuable space.

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