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4 Ideas for Remodeling Your Farmhouse Bathroom


Rather than put out a lot of money for a small urban house, you may find the idea of buying an old farmhouse out in the country to be more to your liking. As more farm families sell off their properties, home buyers like you can often find farmhouses for very affordable prices. However, once you buy your farmhouse, you may realize that it needs a lot of updating and remodeling. Remodeling an old house out in the country can be a fun project that lets you use your imagination and talents. As you prepare to transform the bathroom in your rural home from an outdated nightmare to farmhouse chic, you can take these four suggestions into consideration.

White Farmhouse Bathroom

Redo the Septic System or Connect to a County Water Line if Possible

Perhaps the first task on your remodeling to-do list should involve updating the water supply to the bathroom. Many old houses out in the country rely on well water or a septic system for their water supply. If you want to avoid worrying about the water in your bathroom, you may consider hooking the house up to the local county water lines. This investment can spare you the worry of whether or not your water is safe to use and if your toilets and drains will function properly.

Tear Out and Replace Broken and Outdated Fixtures

Some farmhouses on the market today have not been updated or remodeled since they were first built many years ago. If you want your bathroom to be as functional and comfortable as possible, you may want to tear out the old sinks, tubs, and flooring. Tearing out and replacing the old fixtures may also safeguard your health and that of your family from mold growth and asbestos that might have been used in the house’s construction.

Maintain the House’s Rural Beauty

You may have wanted to buy a farmhouse for its charm and original beauty. As you remodel the bathroom, you may want to keep as much of that appeal as possible rather than transforming the room into something you would see in an urban area home. Rather than decorate with deco colors or edgy furnishings, you can retain the appeal of the farmhouse bathroom by incorporating country designs like flower or lace curtains, floral print wallpaper, or even paint with light, airy, and clean colors like white, light blue, green, and other shades that refer to the home’s rural setting.

Add Modern Comforts

As much as you may want to keep the home’s original beauty intact, you may also want to add some modern comforts of your own to enjoy. It would be perfectly acceptable for you to install Jacuzzi jets to your bathtub, a ceiling fan to keep you cool during the hot summer, or even a Wi-Fi or TV connection for your enjoyment while you are using this room of the house. Combining modern conveniences with the rustic beauty of the house can help you transform the old farmhouse into a home that you and your family will love.

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