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How To Bring New Life To Your Kitchen With Refurbishing


Remodeling your home can come with a significant price tag if you resolve to use only brand new furnishings in your project. If you want to remodel your kitchen, yet have a smaller than average budget set aside for this effort, you can still get the kitchen of your dreams when you consider refurbishing the existing features in this room. Rather than spend more money than you can afford or even go into debt to remodel your kitchen, you can create a whole new look for this room by undertaking these refurbishing ideas.

Refurbished Green Kitchen

Sand and Re-Stain Cabinets and Cupboards

New cabinets and cupboards are expensive, even those models that are sold at discount home improvement stores and through wholesale dealers. When you want to avoid spending that kind of money, you can achieve a new look for these fixtures by sanding off the current stain or paint and then re-staining them with a new color. As you take on this project, you should remove the doors of your cupboards from their hinges first before you sand or stain them. When they are dry, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that your cupboards and cabinets look entirely different and are now an asset to this room.

Make Good Use of Paint

If you want to add a new color to your kitchen or bring some much needed light into this room of your home, you can achieve this goal by painting certain fixtures. Rather than sand and stain your cabinets, for example, you could add new life to them by painting them a bright and vibrant color that will make the room look and feel different than it did previously. Along with painting the cupboards, you could also bring color to the room by painting the base boards and window frames. Adding some color to the walls can help you refurbish the kitchen without spending a lot of money.

Mix Up the Flooring

Your current kitchen flooring may feature linoleum or carpeting. While both options are solid solutions for flooring in this room of your home, you can add more texture and depth by using area rugs over the linoleum or by cutting away some of the carpeting to reveal the hardwood floor underneath. Many homeowners now utilize a combination of flooring in a single room to give this part of the house an interesting dimension. You can refurbish this room of your house affordably by investing in a small area rug or runner or by using a box knife to cut away a few strips of carpeting that is already laid in your kitchen.

Add Interesting Accessories

After you get the cupboards and cabinets stained, the flooring laid, and the mopboards and window frames painted, you can then refurbish your kitchen by adding a few interesting accessories. Your accessories, like a well-placed flower vase or a tasteful kitchen clock, can make your room look and feel different.

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I live in a very old farmhouse. The kitchen has old, old, blonde cabinets that were varnished years and years ago. Is there a way to redo these cupboards without having to sand them first. Lots of the varnish has worn off and they look kind of streaked.

Pat Johnson
Pat Johnson

There is a “liquid sand” I put it on a cloth and applied it to my bathroom cabinets…My friend who used to work in the paint dept. said it was the best….He waited three hours….then painted his almost black bathroom cabinets and stunning white….I don’t think it says you even have to wait that long…..He worked at Wal Mart…bet any paint store would have it. Easy Peasy


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