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4 Ideas to Create the Perfect Kitchen for a Baker


Whether you are a skilled baker or a novice perfecting your technique, you want to work in a kitchen that will an asset rather than a hindrance. When you want to remodel your kitchen with your baking aspirations in mind, you can use these strategies for creating the perfect baker’s kitchen. These renovations will help you create pies, cakes, cookies, and more for you and your family’s enjoyment.

1. Open Shelving

Open Kitchen Shelf for Baking

Baking the perfect dish requires that you have your ingredients on hand and readily accessible to you. When you do not want to waste time searching through a deep cupboard for flour, sugar, and other ingredients, you can have what you need immediately available by adding open shelving to your kitchen.

Open shelving lets you see what ingredients are on hand and reach for whatever you need conveniently. You also avoid getting butter, flour, or grease on your cabinet doorknobs or having things fall on you as you open the door to a crowded cupboard.

2. Rolling Carts

Rolling Kitchen Cart

It can be a real challenge moving unbaked pie dough, cakes, and more from the counter to the stove without dropping or ruining your unfinished product. When you want to avoid spilling cake batter, sugar, sticky pie dough and more, you can easily move your baked goods from counter to stove and back again by including a rolling cart in your kitchen.

A rolling cart can also be used to keep your utensils handy as you work in the kitchen. You can have spoons, mixers, knives, and other important utensils on hand without having to search in drawers or leave the area where you are working.

3. Peg Board

Kitchen Peg Board

Another great way to have your utensils, pots, and pans readily available would be to use peg board as a backsplash behind your stove or oven. You can hang your favorite baking utensils on the peg board and easily reach for whatever you need while baking without having to search in a drawer or cupboard.

You can also hang handy tools like a colander, frying pans, and more on the peg board. This addition frees up space in your cupboards and drawers and lets you get whatever utensils you need quickly for your baking project.

4. Resource Corner or Nook

Kitchen Computer Nook

Great bakers always keep their best recipes close at hand, which is why a resource corner or nook can be a great addition to your kitchen. Setting up your nook or corner can call for you to include bookshelves on which you can keep your favorite cookbooks. You also can set up a desk for your laptop and wireless Internet if you like to surf the web for new recipes.

Many people now have TVs in their kitchens. Your nook can be a great place to include a TV on which you can watch your favorite cooking shows.

When baking is your passion, these remodeling tips can help you create the perfect baking haven in your home. You will have everything you need to try out new recipes or create favorite baked dishes for you and your family.

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