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4 Retro Remodeling Ideas for Your Kitchen


Time certainly knows no boundaries when you are considering different ways that you can remodel your kitchen. If today’s kitchen trends are less than exciting to you, you could consider turning back the hands of time and transforming your kitchen from a modern hub into a stylishly retro haven where you can reclaim some of yesteryear’s best home remodeling trends. Remodeling with retro styles, however, can be tricky if you are unsure of what elements to look for and buy during this project. These ideas can guide you as you remodel this room to look, feel, and function like a kitchen from the several decades ago.

Retro Blue Kitchen

Retro Style Appliances

If you want this room of your house to look and function authentically, you would do well to include vintage appliances. Many secondhand stores and flea markets sell retro appliances like iceboxes and stoves. Collectors of vintage housewares, such as blenders and toasters, also could be a source to find older style kitchen fixtures. When you buy your appliances, you should check them for signs of damage and abnormal wear and tear before using them.

Mix and Match Colors

Unlike modern kitchens, the styles of yesteryear did not feature so much the neutral tones and wood finishes found in many homes today. Rather, these rooms often boasted a mix of bright colors that ranged from turquoise blue to cherry red. When you want to remodel your kitchen in the retro fashion, you could paint your cupboards instead of keeping them in their natural wood finish. You may also buy upholstered dining room chairs or reupholster your existing chairs to match your vintage color scheme.

Linoleum Patterns

When many people think of retro kitchens, they may recall the patterned linoleum floors that were so commonly found in homes back in those days. While homeowners today often prefer ceramic or wooden kitchen flooring, you could turn back time by laying black and white checkered linoleum or white linoleum with tiny flecks of color in this room of your house. Patterned linoleum floors were very popular several decades ago because this choice was thought of as sleek and elegant. Many stores today still sell such flooring for people who prefer this timeless style.

Retro Accessories

You can complete your retro remodeling by including accessories and wall hangings that reflect this bygone era in homeownership. A hubcap clock, a percolating coffee pot, a matching sugar bowl and cream pitcher set, and more all harken back to the days when people took pride and delight in the conveniences that could be found in their kitchens. As with your appliances, you can find many retro pieces for this room of your home at flea markets or secondhand stores. Auctions, estate sales, and church bazaars are also great places to find timeless kitchen accessories.

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