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How To Remodel Your Mildewed and Moldy Bathroom


Despite your best care, your bathroom may still succumb to mold and mildew growth. When this room of your home becomes infested with these fungi, you may worry that you have few safe options to improve your bathroom and keep your family safe from the dire health effects of these growths. However, rather than live with mold and mildew in your home and relegate yourself to covering up these infestations or eliminating them with harsh chemicals, you can instead remodel this room to be safer and healthier. As you prepare to rid your bathroom of these fungi and take on an effective remodeling project, you can accomplish your goals by keeping these tips in mind.

Mildewed & Moldy Bathroom

Use Household Bleach as Your Primary Defense

You can undoubtedly find strong fungi-killing agents from your local hardware or home improvement store. However, these agents typically contain dangerous and toxic fumes that could easily overpower you as you work and cause you to suffer burns in the lining of your nose and throat. Rather than put yourself and your family at such risk, you can effectively kill mold and mildew with regular household bleach. Most varieties on the market today have instructions printed on their labels for mixing the bleach with water and using it as a way to get rid of fungi. Chlorinated bleach often is the best agent to fight and eliminate mold and mildew entirely.

Get Rid of the Existing Flooring

Fungi love to hide under your bathroom’s flooring. You can get rid of this infestation by pulling up the carpeting, linoleum, or other material all the way down to the sub-flooring during your remodeling project. Once you have the flooring removed, you should use bleach to clean the sub-flooring, even if you cannot detect any mold or mildew growing there. Allow the sub-flooring to dry thoroughly before laying new carpeting, linoleum, or other material for the new floor.

Pull Away Mop Boards and Wall Trimming

Mold and mildew also are known to take up residence in your walls’ trimming or mop boards. If you want to get rid of these growths entirely, you should tear off these boards and bleach down the walls before reattaching the trim or mop boards. You should also remember to wipe down the boards on both sides before hanging them back up on the walls. This step will kill any lingering spores and discourage future growths.

Install a Ventilation System to Deter Moisture

Fungi grow in bathrooms often because of excessive moisture after people take a bath or shower. If this room of your house lacks a good ventilation system, you should consider installing one if you want to prevent this problem in the future. During your remodeling work, you can consider some of the more popular ventilation models available. Many people prefer a central system that can be turned on and off with a wall switch.

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Bachtiar Effendy

Is household bleach good to wash bathroom accessories?

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Jessica Davies

Awesome words…Love this post! Very insightful, I look forward to more on these topics.I hope all enjoyed here like me.Keep it up.


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