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4 Ways to Accessorize a Floating Shelf


I selected Valspar Pantone Universe in “Blithe” for my dining room accent wall during our remodel, and felt it looked a bit…plain. So recently, a very kind (and patient) friend taught me how to install a floating shelf I had lying around in storage for years. Since the shelf has gone up, I’ve had fun accessorizing it with little touches I have around the apartment. The best part is that you can literally change the entire feel of a room with just a few little changes. Taking a plain spot and elevating it with a thoughtful arrangement makes a world of difference. Check it out…

1. Go Green

Floating Shelf with Flower Pots
A mixture of succulents, bonsai, orchid, and other leafy green plants really brighten up the space. The green is a lovely contrast to the blue wall. And don’t make all the plants match! It’s more natural and organic when they are different shapes and sizes, even the pots. The light is Bertjan Pot’s 2002 Random Light. I can’t get enough of how beautiful the lines look when reflected on the walls in the evening.
Close Up of Floating Shelf with Potted Plants
Close up of the various potted plants.

2. Vases

Floating Shelf with Vases
Sort of the opposite of the first arrangement, this is a display of various glass vases and wooden bowls we had lying around the apartment. Most were very inexpensive and/or vintage. The key is to stick to a color scheme- here are have blues and orange/browns mixed together for a slightly 70’s vibe.

3. Pigs (Something Random!)

Floating Shelf with Pigs
A floating shelf is a great, minimalist way to show off a collection of anything you might hold dear. My apartment-mate Kristin has a collection of pigs that she and her dad share as a running joke – love how they look all cheerily lined up!

Black and White

Floating Shelf with Picture Frames
For a more classic look, I dug out an old Polaroid camera I discovered at a flea market, and leaned up B&W framed photos against the wall. Also I added a candle and re-used the piggy bank. I’m a huge fan of leaning framed art – it is so much easier (no drilling!), looks casual, and is perfect for a design commitment-phobe like me who likes to shift things around every other week.
Close Up of Floating Shelf with Picture Frames
Close up of the details of the shelf, including J.K. Rowling’s new book (under pseudonym Robert Galbraith.)

Do you have a floating shelf in your home? What’s on yours?

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