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Pops of Color for Three On-Sale Bathroom Vanities


Are you all as excited as I am about the gorgeous bathroom vanities on sale here at Kitchen Cabinet Kings this week? In most homes, bathrooms are the most neglected rooms and only fixed up if there’s money left in the budget. But, you know when you go to a new restaurant and excitedly tell your dining companion after returning from doing your business, “You have to check out the bathroom!”? Cases in point: the floor to ceiling bathroom windows at the top of the NYC Standard Hotel, the borderline pornographic french toile wallpaper at the 2 Birds, One Stone restroom in D.C., and the wall of artistic toilet paper rolls at Barmini by Jose Andres, also in D.C. (All sooo worth checking out, btw.)

Bottom line, don’t forget the bathroom. Sprucing up your bathroom will pull your whole home together and make your guests feel welcome too. Here are three must-have vanities that are on sale this week, paired with my favorite Valspar paint, using their handy-dandy Virtual Painter tool.

Hint: It kind of tricky to get the hang of the Virtual Painter (apologies for the splotchy bits), but just choose one reference point and stick to it, even if the tool asks you to change it. You’ll see what I mean when you try it.

The left side is “before” paint, the right side is “after” paint:

Valspar Pantone Paradise Green WA3138 Bathroom Vanity

This gorgeous solid wood chest is stained a rich cherry brown. Perfect for a master bathroom, the cabinets have plenty of storage space. This elegant color demands a soft contrast, which makes the Valspar Pantone Paradise Green hue a perfect match. From the Pantone Universe collection.

Valspar Pantone Radiant Orchard WA3140 Bathroom Vanity

I’d love this sweet and simple solid-wood vanity as a statement piece for a powder room. The fun thing about the powder room is that you can go a bit bolder than normal, as it’s not an everyday bathroom. So, take a risk! What other color than the Color of the Year, Pantone Radiant Orchid? This fuchsia paint really makes the white and maple wood pop. From the Pantone Universe collection.

Valspar Pantone Cool Blue WA3114 Bathroom Vanity

Above-counter sinks are one of my favorite options for a powder room that makes an impression. This solid wood vanity in Espresso with an above-counter sink is so chic. I selected Pantone Cool Blue for a tranquil vibe. Doesn’t this feel like a hotel bathroom? From the Pantone Universe collection.

The best part is that you can virtually paint the walls of any of the bathroom vanities available on the Kitchen Cabinet Kings website! Simply save the image of the vanity you like, and upload to the Virtual Paint tool. It is extremely useful when you’re ordering everything online. What vanities and colors would you choose?

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