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How to Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Looking Brand New


How to Clean Kitchen CabinetsThe investment you make in your kitchen renovation is one that should last years; however, the kitchen is one room in the house where preventing mishaps is nearly impossible. With the constant usage of oils and other liquids by countless people, there are many ways situations can go sour; grease can find its way onto your kitchen cabinets and leave unsightly stains. Protect your investment by reacting correctly to the everyday accidents that occur in your kitchen.

When food or liquid is splattered across the face of your kitchen cabinetry your first instinct may tell you to grab the harshest chemical cleaner you have under the sink, and attack. Responding almost immediately is key because the longer something sits on the face of the cabinets the more damage it can potentially cause; however, opting for a damp paper towel, soapy sponge, or wet dish rag is a better fit for cleaning cabinet surfaces. Steer clear of brillo or cleaning pads and other chemical products. These may actually damage your cabinetry more than the spill itself.

Grease may be our biggest enemy in the kitchen; cleaning up grease stains can take forever and still not be completely removed. If you see grease hit your cabinet fronts, act instantaneously and wipe away any oil. Again, using warm water is best for cabinet materials. Do not use bleach, amonia, or chlorine; these products may work wonders on other surfaces throughout your home, but they will deteriorate your investment.

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Been following your blog and I love your tips. Especially this one. Nothing worse than when we make some nice cabinets for a client and our great finish is ruined by dinner 🙁


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