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The 2 Big Advantages of RTA Cabinets


We have all heard the term RTA kitchen cabinets but what does RTA mean?  Many people already know but in case you don’t RTA stands for Ready to Assemble.  Not all kitchen cabinets come assembled.  There are 2 main advantages to RTA over standard cabinets.

#1 Price

Obviously price is a huge advantage.  Everyone wants to save money when they purchase new kitchen cabinets.  If you shop online and can find RTA cabinets you are really in luck.  RTA cabinets can really change the price for the better, not only because you have to do the work of assembling but the shipping cost will be less because of smaller packaging.

#2 Creativity

When you assemble your own cabinet you have more room for creativity.  Normally you shouldn’t add or take away certain cabinet options but with RTA cabinets you have some room to assemble them the way you would like, of course there are basic structures that need to be followed but if you feel like adding another shelf or removing an extra shelf it’s your call.

Remember RTA cabinets are not for everyone.  If you are used to Do-it-Yourself projects and have been successful with them in the past then you are a candidate.  If you have never done a DIY project and have very little experience with tools and building things then you will have a monumental task in front of you.  Saving money is a tremendous advantage and can make the difference between buying that new appliance or not.

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