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Posts by Sarah Lu

  1. What Your Spirit Bathroom Is According to Personality Type

    Are you easygoing or dominant? Sensitive and withdrawn? Caring and generous? Read this post to find out which bathroom style best suits your personality type.

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  2. Couple with kitchen contractor

    8 Questions To Ask Your Contractor Before Starting a Kitchen Remodel

    Trying to pick a contractor for your kitchen remodel? Make sure you ask these 8 crucial questions before starting your kitchen makeover.

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  3. This Underrated Detail Makes the Kitchen the Coziest Room in Your Home

    Looking to add something special to your kitchen remodel? Don’t miss this underrated detail that’ll make your kitchen the coziest room in your home.

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  4. 12 Foolproof Ways To Do Black Cabinets Right

    White kitchen cabinets are always a safe bet. But are you brave enough to take a risk on black? Don’t miss these 13 foolproof ways to do black cabinets right.

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  5. Swing Bar Stools and 9 Other Chic Kitchen Ideas Around the World

    Need a vacation but don’t have enough PTO? Take a virtual twirl around the world by peeking into these 10 fantastical kitchens.

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  6. Slay Your Kitchen Decor Game With These 8 Statement Pieces

    Looking to step up your kitchen decor game? These 8 statement pieces are sure to WOW anyone who sees your kitchen.

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