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Bathroom Remodeling after a Natural Disaster


Natural disasters occur everywhere in the world. Whether it be thunderstorms, tornadoes, mudslides, earthquakes, or other occurrences, homeowners often must be ready to deal with the aftermath if or when their homes are in the path of such geological events. Dealing with the aftermath of these disasters typically includes having to remodel certain parts of your house. If your bathroom has been destroyed because of storms or other geological actions, you can successfully complete the remodeling process while keeping these important strategies in mind.

Post Natural Disaster Bathroom Remodel

Eliminate Obvious Danger First

When the disaster has passed, your bathroom inevitably may have sustained obvious damage. Broken glass may litter the floor, the walls may be crumbled or cracked, and the floor might be caved in because of water damage or a shifted foundation. Before you start working in this room, it is vital that you address the most obvious dangers first. You should remove the broken glass, stabilize the walls, and lay supports in and under the flooring to prevent you and others from being hurt.

Check for Water Damage throughout the Room

Water damage in a bathroom can occur even without the house being flooded or the home being exposed to a lot of precipitation. When a natural disaster hits your home, the plumbing in your house could be damaged, causing the pipes to leak or break altogether. Water can also come into this room through the foundation and walls. Before you start remodeling your bathroom, you should check for water damage and repair the cause of it.

Lay New Insulation

Along with damaged pipes, it would be reasonable to consider the extent to which your insulation has been compromised. Whether it was ripped out because of high winds or drenched with heavy rains or snow, damaged insulation must be replaced. Before you put up new drywall or paint the walls, you should lay new insulation if needed.

Replace Compromised or Broken Bathroom Fixtures

Even if your toilet, tub, or sink has no outward signs of damage, it may be have been significantly compromised in the disaster. If you want the peace of mind in knowing that your bathroom will work perfectly after you remodel it, you should replace any fixtures that could have sustained breaks, leaks, cracks, or other damage in the event. This precaution could save you from expense and hassle later and also keep you and your family safe.

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