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Can You Guess Which State These US Kitchens Are From?


When I first moved back to the suburb right outside of Washington D.C. where I grew up, I was shocked at how differently people dressed. In Manhattan, you could perch yourself at a cafe table in SoHo and take sartorial notes straight from off-duty models, creative execs, and vintage-sporting artists. In Virginia and D.C., all I could see was North Face, Patagonia, and J.Crew. For months straight. People actually wore their college sweatshirts to the bar on a Saturday night.

Then, a funny thing happened. Over time, the visual onslaught became less and less. Whether my style has evolved to a blend of the two cities, or I began to appreciate an active, natural style more, I’ll never know. But, this speaks to the distinctive style in each city or town, including the arena of home design. For this new series, I’ll feature the homes (specifically the kitchens) of five cities periodically to compare and contrast. Side by side, let’s see if you can identify which kitchen belongs where, and the elements that make it especially “indigenous.”

Can you match each of the following cities with each of the following kitchens? How did you come to your choices? (Answers all the way at the bottom!)

Choices: (in no particular order): Brooklyn, New York; Saunderstown, Rhode Island; Portland, Georgetown (Washington, D.C.); Terra Linda, California (near San Francisco)
Georgetown, Washington DC Kitchen
1. Defining Characteristics:
– Ornate Chandelier
– Viking Stove
– Country-Style Cabinetry
– Sugar white marble countertops
– Smaller space
– Chic boa wallpaper
Brooklyn, New York Kitchen
2. Defining Characteristics:
– Broad use of woodwork
– Stainless steel island
– Vintage stools
– Large kitchen space for entertaining
– Modern chrome backsplash
Portland, Oregon Kitchen
3. Defining Characteristics:
– Gorgeous woodwork and paneling
– Espresso machine
– Minimalist white cabinets
– Tattooed mama
Terra Linda, California Kitchen
4. Defining Characteristics:
– Bohemian-modern style
– Lots of greenery and organic elements
– Laid-back style
– Light-filled space
Saunderstown, Rhode Island Kitchen
5. Defining Characteristics:
– Serene minimalist style
– Uncluttered look
– Open kitchen and dining plan
– Zen elements
– Expansive space

How did you do? Were you able to identify each location correctly? Does your own kitchen mirror the dominant style in your area?

1. Georgetown (Washington, D.C.) via Apartment Therapy

2. Brooklyn, New York via Apartment Therapy

3. Portland, Oregon via Apartment Therapy

4. Terra Linda, California via Apartment Therapy

5. Saunderstown, Rhode Island via Apartment Therapy

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