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Don’t Start Your Bathroom Remodel Before Doing This One Thing


Kelly Wearstler for Ann Sacks Maven Tiled Bathroom with Bathtub
What’s your personal aesthetic? Have you ever thought about it? Even though we love following what’s trendy and #trending, what’s in right now may be completely different from your personal aesthetic: i.e., your guidelines to what you find inherently attractive, beautiful, and compelling. Why is it important to identify your aesthetic? Because it will drive the process by which you design, remodel, and shape a cohesive atmosphere for your home. It will help make your space feel like YOU, season after season.

Take tile for example. Already in 2016, designers have unveiled an incredible array of options beyond your basic ceramic subway tile, including porcelain, stone, glass, concrete, and even leather variations. Tile, for some reason, makes me ridiculously happy; I could spend hours browsing online selections for my dream home. And, since the singularly most eye-catching change you can make to give your bathroom an instant refresh is installing new tiles, let’s start there.

Replacing tiles can instantly transform a space, yet it’s often overwhelming to make such a permanent decision. On top of that, picking cabinets to match can be even more daunting. Below, we broke down personal aesthetic into three general categories and paired a favorite KCK bathroom cabinet style with each one.

1. Classic, Clean, Timeless

Curved stone mosaic tile, black and white hexagonal stone tile, small hexagonal white marble tile, vintage glass pearl small square tile
(Clockwise, from left): Walker Zanger Tangent Calacata, Walker Zanger Rue Pierre Blanc, Walker Zanger Bianca Europa Calacata, Vintage Glass Pearl Matte

If you invest in fashion basics and staples, cherish a family heirloom that has been passed down for generations, and seek out similarly timeless pieces when shopping, these tiles are probably perfect for you. Note the stone and glass materials which are extremely classic. Also, the stone options have a honed finish, which means the surface has been ground to be super smooth, not matte, but not in-your-face shiny either. Can’t get fresher than that.

A Cabinet Match in Heaven? The crisp, sleek lines of our Gramercy White bathroom cabinets complement the traditional yet minimalistic look of this tile selection. Plus, a monochromatic bathroom in layered, varying shades of white is positively chic.

2. Strong, Bold, Edgy

Graphic black and white striation tile, blue and black dot motif tile, grey and white woven striation tile, textured charcoal line pattern tile
(Clockwise, from left): Solstice II, Ojai, Woven, Islander (All Maven by Kelly Wearstler)

These are not for the faint of heart. Chances are if they caught your eye, you tend to use your wardrobe to express yourself, fill your Pinterest board with abstract and sophisticated looks, and confidently take risks. A master bathroom or powder room is the perfect space to make a lasting impression with these textured tiles.

The Contemporary Cabinet Counterpart? The Thompson Midnight bathroom cabinet is the ideal foil for these tiles because the recessed birch door lends a transitional look which directly contrasts with the contemporary designs. The black finish is similarly sleek and chic.

3. Ornate, Colorful, Nature-inspired

Navy and white ceramic flower pattern tile, rustic Italian inspired organic patterned tile, geometric Moroccan inspired green, navy blue, and white tile, Asian and nature inspired black and white flower mosaic tile
(Clockwise, from left): Made A Mano Novocento, Ann Sacks Ceramica Pintada Field, Cement Tile Shop Casablanca Green, Raku Flower Mosaic

Are you a world traveler who is constantly bringing mementos of your journeys back home? These tiles are reminiscent of geometric Moroccan motifs, Asian pottery, and rustic Italian villa flooring. They’re striking in an organic, almost vintage way.

The Cabinet Soulmate? I’d love to see the Brownstone collection paired with any of these tiles. Brown goes wonderfully with navy, an anchor color in many of the options. The rich finish of the wood and beautiful molding is complementary to the almost historical feeling of the tile designs. Plus, the bottom left black flower mosaic pattern would look killer with the Brownstone bathroom cabinets. Brown and black are both neutrals and therefore can look amazing paired together. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

While these aesthetics aren’t exhaustive, deciding which styles you’re drawn to will steer your remodeling project in a clear and consistent direction that’s uniquely you. Which one do you most closely identify with? We’re fascinated to hear!

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