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Create The Ultimate Family Friendly Kitchen


The kitchen is famously the center of a family’s life together. It is the place, traditionally, where everyone comes together at least once a day to sit, talk and eat. Making a kitchen kid-friendly means your children will feel welcome and wanted in this, the heart of your home.

As with any room renovation, the first step is to think about your unique situation. Who makes up your family? Who all uses your kitchen on a regular basis? Your spouse, children, parents, in-laws, friends, pets? Thinking about who uses your kitchen will help you decide how to make it more inviting, safe and functional. For a kid-focused kitchen, think about their needs as well as what you predict their needs will be as they grow.

Creating Space

Most families, regardless of how many children there are, need one thing most of all: space. Having an organized space for pantry items, kid-friendly food and snacks, cooking equipment, sharp or dangerous items, linens and more is all key to creating an ideal kitchen. In the end, you want your family to be able to flow smoothly and easily through the cooking and eating space you create.

Shelves, drawers, closets, cupboards and cabinets can all be used to stow your kitchen things. As you plan your remodel, think about how much space you need for each category of items. Consider, also, what you want your young children to be able to access and what you want to keep out of their reach. For instance, knives and other sharp implements should be placed well out of the reach of kids under 10. On the other hand, it is great if kids can get their own hand towels and silverware without having to ask for help.

What To Use

The materials you choose for your remodel should be based on how you plan to use the space, too. For instance, granite counter tops aren’t a good choice for family-friendly kitchens. It is a popular but porous material, easily picking up stains from everyday household items if spilled and left out. Instead, find a material that is durable and resistant to stains, burns and scratches so your kids don’t wreck your kitchen remodel by mistake.

When choosing a flooring material, aim for something easy on the feet and durable when exposed to water. High-end materials often become dangerously slippery when even a little wet – a nightmare situation for small kids and the elderly alike. Floors in family houses are constantly dirty, too, so finding a material and color that will look clean for longer helps your kitchen look nice.

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