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From Warm to Wild: The Yellow Kitchen


Dandelions, marigolds and sunflowers. Butter, sweet corn and fresh cream. Some of the best things in life are yellow so it makes sense that this bright and cheery color is a classic for kitchen design. If you think only bold canary when you think of a yellow palette, take a moment to consider all the variations in nature – and at the paint store! – before making a final decision.

The Many Shades of Yellow

If you are looking for something subtle, don’t be frightened away from this sunny color. Used frequently in marketing for children’s and discount items, bright and obnoxious yellows give the rest of the shades a bad rap.

Dark kitchens suffering from lack of natural sunlight will take yellow better than any other color. Creams and off-whites can brighten and warm your kitchen like nothing else, even lighting. Choose the warmth of a yellow tint for your off-white paint selection if you are seeking more warmth in your kitchen décor. Milder hues of yellow, such as lemon chiffon or a light papaya, lend a calm and cozy air.

If you are a fan of bold or are looking for a way to seriously brighten up a drab kitchen, bright yellows can cause quite a stir. Naturally luminous, yellow will enhance whatever natural light makes it to your kitchen. Be careful when using yellow with other colors, however, as brighter hues combined with other bold colors can easily look gaudy.

If you have or are planning to have white prominent in your kitchen color palette, yellow will lend your space a bright and cheery feel. Consider warm, gold shades of yellow such as amber or goldenrod for a comforting, classic feel.

What Yellow Can Do For You

Everyone knows that colors can have a strong impact on the way a person feels. The color of a room can control the way anyone inside feels physically, mentally and emotionally. Yellow is, in general, an energizing color. It promotes mental and physical energy and a feeling of calm and contentment.

Yellow is a powerful color, too. Too much of it, or too bright a hue, and a feeling of being overwhelmed can descend. Some people claim small children and babies cry more in yellow rooms for just this reason.

The trick to using yellow correctly in home décor, of course, is moderation. Don’t use bold shades pervasively but don’t underestimate the warmth of a subtle yellow hue, either. The powers of yellow are best harnessed in combination and cooperation with the natural lighting in a room.

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Thomas Sanfilippo
Thomas Sanfilippo

Good use of yellow color. Its look much better then the traditional old color schemes.


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