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Helpful Android & iPhone Apps To Have In The Kitchen


We could all use a little extra help in the kitchen sometimes, true? With our technologically advanced culture, we have so many apps available to us that can make our lives easier and more efficient, saving us time and money. Below are some of our favorite apps that are quite useful in the kitchen.

Perfect Produce

Perfect Produce app
Is there anything worse than cutting into a piece of fruit you just purchased and realizing it’s already gone bad? Perfect Produce starts in the grocery store and continues on in the kitchen. The app offers everything from mastering the art of picking out your produce, to prep tips, to an abundance of recipes. Google Play Download. App Store Download.


Substitutions App
Say you’re half way through cooking a dish when you realize you’re missing a crucial ingredient. Don’t panic! Substitutions comes to your rescue in such a case, helping you find a quick solution with what you have on hand. Most substitutions are an even swap, but the app does offer conversions for the ingredients that aren’t an even ratio. App Store Download.

Big Oven

Big Oven App
Bringing you inspiration and ease, Big Oven is a wonderfully useful app. Features include over 350,000 recipes, a grocery list function, and a search function that aids you in putting your leftover ingredients to good use. With a Pro membership you can even personalize your searches, finding recipes that fit your specific diet and lifestyle needs. Google Play Download. App Store Download.

Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives App
Attention vegetarians and vegans! Forks Over Knives brings you delicious, plant-based recipes with stunning photography. Explore and stay organized with one simple app. Google Play Download. App Store Download.


Epicurious App
Epicurious offers you step-by-step cooking instructions. Get creative with what you already have in your pantry and fridge. Epicurious even includes voice activated-controls for hands free use while cooking! App Store Download.

Best Before

Best Before App
Wouldn’t it be nice to receive notifications when food items are about to go bad?
This handy app allows you to organize your produce and pantry goods in such a manner, and will give you a heads up when something is about expire! Google Play Download.

Nose To Tail

Nose To Tail App
Nose To Tail lays out where specific cuts of meat are on the animal, gives you a description of each cut, and preparation tips as well. Google Play Download. App Store Download.


Thyme App
This one comes in handy when you’ve got something cooking on all four burners. The Thyme app allows you to set four different timers in correlation to each burner so you don’t have to worry about multiple alarms. Google Play Download. App Store Download.


Mixology App
You don’t have to be a bartender to master the classis. Mixology lets you search thousands of cocktail recipes and provides instructions on how to properly make them. The app also offers bartending tips and special advice such as how to infuse your own spirits. Google Play Download. App Store Download.

Which app do you find most useful in the kitchen?

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