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Tips to Create Your Dream Kitchen Pantry


The pantry is often the most overlooked part of the kitchen. In fact, it’s often not even considered part of the kitchen, rather just a dark, dusty room where dry goods go to die. We have all harbored those cans that expired three years ago. That’s why I was super surprised and inspired to see this amazing pantry before and after. Even if you don’t have a large built-in pantry already, you can take the minimalistic and organizational elements and adapt them to your own space. The best part is, this is a project that can be done without a contractor, and on your own budget.


Old Disgusting Kitchen Pantry
The yellowing paint, old-fashioned bottom cupboards, and bulky looking shelving had to go. The floor tiles were also dated and inappropriate for the space. The theme here is demolition, demolition, demolition!


Gorgeous Organized White Kitchen Pantry
I find the white subway tiles to be pure genius in this space. Many kitchen remodels incorporate white subway tiles in backsplashes, but I find it refreshing and more apropos here in a space that is purely utilitarian. Warning: tiling can be messy (the grout is tricky!) but with a little practice, some YouTube videos, and a lot of determination, you can do it yourself.


The industrial light fixture is a great way to add light (more pantries are dim and dingy) while keeping in line with the theme of the area.


These pre-sanded and pre-cut slats were sourced at a local hardware store and installed with beautiful brass brackets found online. Notice how an entire additional wall of shelving was added to the left for increased storage space and depth.

Beautiful Packing

The quickest way to undo all your work and ruin the aesthetics of an open shelving pantry is to leave dry ingredients in their original boxes. By buying simple air-tight jars, you can store cereal, flour, popcorn, and more dry goods in a display-friendly fashion while keeping them as fresh as the day you bought them. Some items are already beautiful in their own way – the vintage lemonade bottles, kitschy San Marzano tomato cans, and classic Heinz beans lettering.

Could your pantry benefit from a makeover like this?

(Photos via Oh Happy Day)

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