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Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2012 Recap


Kitchen Cabinet Kings attended The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Chicago. While the overall show appeared to have been downsized, there was still a great turn out. Vendors and manufacturers from all aspects of home remodeling came together to showcase their products; there were cabinets, vanities, sinks, and accessories as far as the eye could see. Each display uniquely planned and perfectly placed, showcasing the up and coming trends in all things kitchen and bath. The sheer magnitude of the space was amazing, but what was truly impressive was the detail of the products.

The most prevalent and some of the most interesting items were the kitchen and bathroom sinks! This staple seems standard and simple; however, some of the designs were anything but, transforming this traditional necessity into an awe inspiring accessory. The displays showed sinks that ranged from industrial to refined using colors from gold to green. Two of the most prevalent sinks at the show were vessel sinks and copper, apron/farm sinks. We are now a huge fan of both items for different reasons.

The vessel sink is ideal to incorporate into your bathroom. These sinks sit directly atop your vanity and can be as simple or as ornate as you wish. They are also perfect for tiny bathrooms, as they do not require much space. There were countless manufacturers with endless options for these counter top sinks. Whether you have a specific idea or none whatsoever, there is definitely a vessel sink that would suite your style. One sink that stood out was this gorgeous, green glass sink in the shape of a leaf. It was flatter and longer than your average vessel sink, but it’s individuality was eye catching. If you are someone who is always looking for the next best thing, then this is it!

Copper was also a favored material in the sink department. Many of the apron and farm house sinks were constructed using this red tinted, rustic metal. Many metal sinks are known for their simplicity and smooth surfaces; however, part of the beauty of these copper sinks, is that manufacturer’s have taken a different approach. Some of the sinks shown had engravings, indents, and even patterns. This added a nice touch of design.

These are just two examples from one tiny aspect of a very large show! There was much more about KBIS that we thoroughly enjoyed, and we will be writing as much as we can to make you feel as if you were there!

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