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Six Reasons to Choose White Walls


Six Reasons to Choose White Walls

With so many paint colors available these days, it’s easy for your imagination to run wild when you step into your local home goods store.  While you may be craving a trendy color that will give your home a drastic facelift, you shouldn’t discount the possibility of using white paint just yet. As it turns out, white walls are a great choice for a number of different reasons. If you are looking to learn more, read on to see why the staff at Kitchen Cabinet Kings thinks subtle walls reap major benefits.

1. Easy to add pops of color

White Living Room with Yellow Curtains

While it may at first sound contradictory that using white paint is conducive to adding splashes of color everywhere, that is in fact the case. If you have a few favorite picks, you can find creative ways to express your taste by purchasing bright and eye-catching home furnishings and accessories, rather than simply dousing your walls in these vibrant colors. As it turns out, white paint is actually color’s best friend and they work perfectly together.

2. Show off your eclectic side

White Room with Eclectic Chairs

If you’ve been told that your design aesthetic is a bit schizophrenic, you can really lean in to that notion and have fun showing off your eclectic style. With white walls, you have more freedom to experiment with funky pieces that you never would have considered showing off before. The best part? When you get sick of your statement pillows and quirky candleholders, you can simply store them away in no time.

3. Won’t go out of fashion

White Walls with White Pictures

As tempting as it may be to jump on the trending train and paint your walls in the latest Pantone color of the year, you may want to think twice before you take such stylistic leaps. By sticking with white walls, you can save tons of money, time, and energy that would otherwise be spent in trying to repaint your walls a year or two later. Rather than chasing what’s in vogue, stick with something that will forever be a classic.

4. Makes any room appear larger

Gorgeous White Bedroom

It’s no surprise that the color white can create the illusion of a larger room. If you are working with a tight space or you are planning to fill a given room with all your favorite mementos and details, you will enjoy the clean, fresh, and roomy feel that white paint provides.

5. Show off your belongings

White Bedroom with Pop Art

When you choose a bold paint color or an in-your-face wallpaper, your belongings automatically take a back seat in terms of the visual hold. When visitors come over, the first thing that will catch their eye is the color, and all else will come later. If you don’t want your walls to be overwhelming, you can go with white paint that will allow your furniture and collectibles to take center stage instead.

6. Low chance of error

Open White Living Room

If you choose a more eccentric color, there’s a greater risk involved. Either the color could be too bold when it comes out of the can, or it can clash with your furniture, make your artwork look bad, and become quickly tiresome. Even if you do end up getting sick of the white paint, you can easily cover it with another color down the road, or hang a few photographs and paintings that will breathe new life into your walls.

If you are looking for some insight in choosing your paint colors and designing your home in general, the Kitchen Cabinet Kings are here to help. For complimentary, 3D kitchen design advice, simply fill out this kitchen design form and our experts will weigh in on what works and what doesn’t for your lifestyle and budget.

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