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What are Accents?

AccentsAccents are detailed pieces of woodwork that can be added to kitchen cabinets to enhance the overall aesthetic of the design. As a general rule, accents will have no actual structural impact on a set of cabinets beyond simply embellishing the visual properties. Cabinet handles and hinges can be referred to as accents, but they are more commonly grouped into categories of their own since there are already so many variations and specification associated with both of them. Molding is another type of accent that can be catalogued together with decorative woodwork pieces since they are also carved-wood enhancements.

Accents come in a wide variety of types, but most accents are made from softer woods because they are not intended to be functional pieces of the cabinetry. It is important to test the finishing properties of an accent before adhering it permanently to one?s cabinets to ensure uniform absorption characteristics for stains and lacquers. Some of the more popular accents available include decorative legs to give the illusion of free-standing base cabinet. Valances, rosettes and corbels are all common accents used to enhance to appearance of cabinetry.

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