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What is a Microwave Cabinet?

Microwave CabinetA microwave cabinet is a custom built area which is made to store, hold or conceal a microwave oven. A microwave cabinet may be built into the top row of cabinets, the lower cabinets or as a separate island.

Microwave cabinets are wooden areas that are built to store a microwave oven. Some microwave cabinets are separate pieces of furniture that are intended to conserve kitchen space. These might make a previously unused area more functional. Many microwave cabinets are built into the top unit of cabinets, while others may be included in the base cabinets. Some microwave cabinets are included in a kitchen island, which sits in the middle of the room. Microwave cabinets can be custom ordered to fit the exact measurements of the existing cabinetry in a kitchen. Some microwave cabinets have doors that conceal the appliance from view. This creates a uniform appearance throughout the kitchen because the cabinet is built using the same wood, stain and design as the rest of the cabinets in the room.

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