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What is Ash Wood?

Ash WoodAsh wood can be used in cabinetry but it is most often known for its use in baseball bats. Ash wood is grown throughout North American. The Ash wood grown in the northern part of this region is known for producing the firmest lumber for this species of wood. In the South, Ash is typically softer because of higher sap content. Overall, Ash is known for being moderately hard, heavy and strong. Ash wood from the northern regions of North America tends to have a browner coloring due to its higher content ratio of heartwood in the lumber. Frequently, Ash is used as a substitute for Red Oak.

Working with Ash wood is not necessarily difficult but there are some specific characteristics that should be addressed. For example, since Ash is a hardwood, it is important not to sand it with too fine a grit of sandpaper before staining. The surface of the wood can be resistant to even absorption if the texture is leveled. Therefore, builders will not exceed 220-grit when sanding the surface of a cabinet before the addition of a darker stain. This will allow enough texture on the surface of the wood to encourage even absorption. If a lighter stain is to be used, then 320-grit should be used for the final sanding. Failure to adhere to these simple recommendation can cause the finished of Ash wood cabinets to appear blotchy.

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