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What is Beech Wood?

Beech WoodBeech wood is derived from beech trees, which are located in many northern continents. It has a pale color that is ideal for staining, and it cuts easily without showing damage from power tools.

Beech wood is a reddish-brown wood that can be incorporated into many areas of the house. It is often used for making chairs, stools and hardwood floors. The medium wood is ideal for sturdy furniture that must withstand frequent use. It is also used for making lumber and cabinets. The grain of beech wood is tight, and the large rays and fine lines resemble those found in maple wood and birch wood. It is easy to stain, which makes it perfect for many household projects. Beech wood has a medium resistance to shock, which is one reason it is suitable for high traffic flooring or everyday furniture. It is susceptible to bugs, so a protective treatment is recommended.

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