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What is a Single Oven Cabinet?

Single Oven CabinetA single oven cabinet is built to contain one oven while providing extra storage space. Single oven cabinets are frequently used in designer kitchens.

A single oven cabinet is a unit that holds a single oven rather than a double oven. The cabinet raises the oven off the floor, which makes it easier for many homeowners to access. It also provides extra storage, which maximizes the storage potential of the kitchen. The dimensions are fairly standard, although adjustments can be made to accommodate larger or smaller ovens. A single oven cabinet enhances the cabinetry in the kitchen while minimizing the appearance of the appliance. Single oven cabinets can be constructed using a variety of materials, and they can be finished so that they match the existing cabinets. The frame of the oven cabinet may have accents, and the drawer fronts and doors may feature styles and designs found around the room.

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