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What is Burnishing?

BurnishingBurnishing is a finishing technique that is used on wood. It gives the wood a smooth, shiny finish similar to the appearance achieved when using polyurethane or lacquer.

Burnishing is a technique that is frequently used when professionals do not want to apply chemicals to their products. Burnishing is done by rubbing two pieces of wood together. The heat from the friction rubs away soft, dried cell walls and exposes the harder cells. These hard cell walls do not absorb stain or finishes, but they have a glossy sheen that makes finishing products unnecessary. Burnishing can also be done by rubbing small shavings or chips on the wood. Burnishing is often used when professionals do not have time for chemical finishes to dry, but they also use the technique to achieve a certain appearance. Burnishing is used for furniture, cabinets, floors and other items in the house.

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