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What is Tongue and Groove?

Tongue and GrooveTongue and groove refers to an assembly technique that is used for many types of wood or laminate flooring. It is a type of join that eliminates the need for any type of fasteners, such as nails or screws.

Tongue and groove is a type of assembly which joins two pieces of wood. One piece has a thin extension that slides into a channel that has been cut into the second piece. The tongue and groove joint is very strong and can withstand the expansion and shrinkage that wood experiences during changing temperatures. Woodworkers have used the tongue and groove technique for years because it makes nails and screws unnecessary. Modern carpenters, however, rarely use the tongue and groove joint because it is time consuming. Many hardwood floors are installed using the tongue and groove method. Wood panel walls, doors and table tops are also constructed using tongue and groove joints.

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