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What is a Butt Joint?

Butt JointA butt joint is formed when two pieces of wood are attached together perpendicularly using only glue. It is a very weak joint and is not used often.

A butt joint is created by butting two pieces of wood together. The long grain of one piece is set against the end grain of another piece. No reinforcement is available when using butt joints, which makes them very weak. Screws or nails are rarely used with this type of joint because it is highly likely that the wood will split or crack. If some sort of fasteners will be used, many carpenters or woodworkers will pre-drill holes. When forming butt joints, it is essential that the square cuts are precise. This will allow both pieces of wood to fit flush with one another. Due to their weak nature, butt joints are used in projects that will not be moved frequently or that will not be required to hold a good deal of weight.

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