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What is a Dovetail?

DovetailA dovetail is a type of joint in which two pieces of wood interlock. Dovetail joints are extremely strong and secure, and they are frequently used to attach the fronts of drawers to the drawer box.

A dovetail is a joint that uses interlocking fan-shaped pieces to hold the wood together. The joint is created by chiseling or cutting notches, which are called pins and tails, in each piece of wood so that they fit together securely. Dovetail joints have appeared throughout history and may be one of the oldest known joint techniques. A dovetail joint does not require any hardware to keep it secure. Dovetail joints are often used in drawer fronts, boxes, cabinets and furniture. While making a dovetail joint can be difficult to master, it is a technique that many cabinetmakers and carpenters prefer. Its strength and aesthetic appeal makes a dovetail joint one of the most popular joints to use in several types of projects.

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