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What is a Square-Cut Joint?

Square-Cut JointA square-cut joint is used to join two pieces of wood together using perpendicular cuts and an adhesive. It is also referred to as a butt joint.

A square-cut joint is when two pieces of wood are joined together without any fasteners, dovetails or dowels. Each piece of wood is cut in a straight, perpendicular line so that they butt up against each other. They are then attached using an adhesive or nails. Screws or other fasteners might cause the wood to split or crack unless the holes are predrilled. A square-cut joint is the easiest joint to make. It requires precise measurements and straight cuts, but no detailed designs or angles are necessary. Square-cut joints are considered fairly weak, and they are not recommended for projects that are meant to bear heavy weight. However, cabinetmakers often use them when building the carcass or frame for cabinet units. A square-cut joint may also be referred to as a butt joint.

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