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What is a Cabinet Scraper?

Cabinet ScraperCabinet scrapers are tools that are used to remove fine shavings of wood. They are often used instead of sanding.

Cabinet scrapers are tools made of high carbon steel. They are used by cabinetmakers and woodworkers to remove very small amounts of wood in order to create a shiny, level surface. Cabinet scrapers are may also be used to remove paint or stain from wood surfaces. They are available in several sizes and shapes to help cabinetmakers achieve the best results, although square scrapers are primarily used when building cabinets. Cabinet scrapers must be sharpened frequently in order to prevent gouging or damaging the wood. The tools are sold without a burr, so cabinetmakers must burnish a new cabinet scraper before they use it. When using a cabinet scraper, it is important to scrape along the grain of the wood in order to prevent the smooth surface from being damaged.

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