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What is a Semi-Custom Cabinet?

Semi-Custom CabinetSemi-custom cabinets are cabinet units that are premade with fewer options than custom cabinetry. They are frequently used for homeowners that want durable, beautiful cabinets without the high costs associated with custom cabinets.

Semi-custom cabinets are manufactured and then made available for purchase. They are considered to be higher quality than stock cabinets but not as nice as custom cabinets. Homeowners that buy semi-custom cabinets have some choices in the dimensions, wood and finishes that are used in their cabinets. While many semi-custom cabinets are sold in a variety of sizes, the styles are limited. Consumers can choose more features, but this usually increases the price significantly. Homeowners must take into consideration how much they are willing to add to the price of semi-custom cabinets as opposed to ordering custom cabinets.
Semi-custom cabinets can be enhanced with the use of stylish hardware that brings out the finish and the décor of the kitchen.

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