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What is a Cabinet Rasp?

Cabinet RaspA cabinet rasp is a metal shaping tool that is used to remove small pieces of wood. Many cabinetmakers use it to file down small areas without gouging or damaging the surface.

A cabinet rasp is a woodworking tool that cabinetmakers use to file away wood in a small area. Most cabinetmakers use a cabinet rasp as they are adding the final touches to their cabinets. The tool prevents the carpenter from removing too much wood, and many rasps guarantee a smooth finish. Several types of cabinet rasps are available in order to provide even more precise filing. They are made of metal teeth that are categorized by grain, which is the term that refers the spacing and pattern of the teeth. Cabinet rasps are sold in several lengths and shapes. The variety of rasps allows cabinetmakers to choose the precise length, grain and curve that they need for each project.

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