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What is Carpenter’s Glue?

Carpenter's GlueCarpenter’s glue is a type of adhesive that is used when securing pieces of wood. It is also referred to as wood glue.

Carpenter’s glue is an adhesive that is frequently used when making cabinets. There are several types of carpenter’s glue available, which provides a variety of strengths for different uses. Cabinetmakers often use carpenter’s glue as reinforcement when using staples and small nails. They may also apply a bead of glue to every joint or connection in order to make the entire unit more secure. Most types of carpenter’s glue are able to be sanded and stained, which allows cabinetmakers to use the glue without affecting the appearance of the cabinet. The drying time of carpenter’s glue depends on the ingredients. Some will dry quickly even in cold, wet climates. Others will take longer to dry before work on the cabinets can continue. Most types of carpenter’s glue will have a longer bond time in order to allow the cabinetmaker to make adjustments before the glue has dried completely.

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