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What is Cedar Wood?

Cedar WoodCedar wood comes from various types of cedar trees. Its rich color and durability make it a popular choice for floors, furniture and decorative touches inside the home.

Cedar wood is found around the world, but some of the most popular species are found in North America. Cedar wood has a low density, which makes it easy to use and transport. Cedar wood also makes an excellent insulator and will help save on heating and cooling costs. It is fairly straight and does not warp easily. Colors of cedar wood vary and may be red, white or yellow, but it easily accepts stain. It is extremely durable and is often used for patios, outdoor furniture and fences. It is not susceptible to rot like other softwoods because it dries out quickly, and it is pest resistant. Most tools can be used when working with cedar, but some types of unprotected nails or screws may corrode after years of being in contact with the wood.

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