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What is Classic Crown Molding?

Classic Crown MoldingClassic crown is a type of molding or trim that is used around the ceiling. It can also be used to trim the top of cabinets.

Classic crown molding adds a simple yet elegant touch to a room. The trim is placed where the ceiling and the wall meet and helps to draw the eye upward. It can also be used to trim the tops of cabinets. Classic crown molding is often combined with chair rails and baseboards for a cohesive design throughout the room. Classic crown molding has very simple, clean lines. Unlike more ornate trims, classic crown does not have fancy designs. It is used frequently in older homes, but it also provides elegance to newer buildings. It is very easy to add classic crown molding to a room. Strips of the trim are available in a variety of woods and lengths. Some are softwoods, while others are hardwoods. There are also classic crown moldings that are covered with veneers.

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