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What is Trim Molding?

Trim MoldingTrim molding is a small piece of wood that is used to accentuate areas of a room. It may be used along doors, windows, cabinets, ceilings or floors.

Trim molding refers to a piece of wood that is used to provide a finished appearance to a room. It is often used for decorative purposes, but it can sometimes conceal any gaps or inconsistencies in the building’s construction. It can also be used in place of trim tile. Trim molding is usually fairly thin and narrow, but it may have curves or designs cut into each piece. Wood trim molding may be painted or stained to match the style and décor of the room. Plastic polymer trim molding is also available. It is more expensive than wood trim, but it is lighter and easier to handle. It can be cut and painted to match the dimensions and style of the room in which it will be installed.

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