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What is Molding?

MoldingMolding is a strip of wood, MDF or other material that is used to cover transitional areas. Molding can help hide or protect areas between walls and corners, or it may be used to ease the transition between different materials, such as fabric and wallpaper.

Molding is the term used to refer to trim that is placed around the ceiling, floor or walls of a room. Chair rails are often installed on walls to protect them from damage, but the rails can also be used to ease the transition between paint colors or wallpaper. Crown molding adds a decorative touch between the walls and the ceiling, while baseboards protect the bottom of walls from scuffs and damage. Doors and windows may also feature molding that helps to cover any gaps in the openings of the building. Molding is available in several styles, which range from very simple cut boards to extremely ornate carvings.

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