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What is a Dado?

DadoA dado is a type of joint that is very strong and functional. The term may also refer to the chair rail that is located on the bottom portion of a wall.

A dado joint is frequently used when constructing bookshelves or cabinets. The joint is created by cutting a groove into a piece of wood. A second piece of wood is then placed into the dado groove so that it is snug and secure. Dado joints are extremely strong, which makes them ideal for furniture or storage areas that will be holding weight. Dado may also refer to a rail that is placed horizontally along the bottom portion of a wall. This may also be called a chair rail. Dado rails divide the design of the wall and may separate design elements in the room. They can ease the transition between different materials, such as wall paper and paneling. A dado rail may also be used to prevent the wall from being damaged by furniture.

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