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What is a Fake Drawer Front?

Fake Drawer FrontA fake drawer front refers to materials that have the appearance of a drawer front without being attached to a drawer box. There is no opening behind a fake drawer front, as it is only used for aesthetic purposes.

A fake drawer front has the appearance of a drawer front, but it is not attached to a drawer box. A fake drawer front is simply attached to the face of the cabinet so that it appears as though a drawer is included in that space. Fake drawer fronts are used to continue the visual line created by other drawers or cabinet openings. They are often placed in areas in which a drawer would not be appropriate, such as directly under sinks. Fake drawer fronts can be attached using heavy adhesives such as contact cement, or they can be attached with screws or bolts. A small recessed area in the cabinet may allow the fake drawer front to be flush with the face frame of the cabinet.

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