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What is a Grid?

GridA grid, when in the context of cabinetry building, is a design tool used to layout cabinetry for a space. The grid is usually rendered on grid paper. The paper is comprised of a series of evenly sized squares that are used to represent an exact measurement in relation to the full sized space. For example, a grid of ten one inch by one inch squares in a row and columns of five squares down could be used to symbolize a 10 foot by five foot space where each square is representative of one square foot. With this tool, it is then possible to accurately fill the space with the prospective cabinetry layout to ensure a proper fit.

Many online cabinetry suppliers will offer a free downloadable grid that may be customized to represent any space in preparation for cabinetry. The advantage to this method of laying out a room is that there is no guess work as to what is needed and if it will fit. As long as the ratio is kept accurate and proportionate, the grid will enable a customer to accurately select all the pieces required to perfectly fit a cabinetry run in any space.

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