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What is a Corridor Kitchen?

Corridor KitchenA corridor kitchen, which can also be referred to as a galley kitchen, is a small space kitchen with more length than width. Corridor kitchens are economical on space, but can be horribly inefficient if not properly planned. Many apartments or converted houses will have a corridor kitchen. While most home chefs would prefer more space than a corridor kitchen will allow, it is important to note that most restaurants utilize the corridor kitchen concept because it can actually be a very efficient way to work if a productivity triangle is incorporated into the design. These narrow types of kitchens must economize the movements of those in the space to prevent disruptive foot-traffic, clutter and fire hazards.

Corridor kitchens are best served by open shelving or door-less cabinetry. The incorporation of closed cabinetry will visually shrink the space and add to the feeling of confinement. It is also popular to include an access window into the space to simplify the transference of food to the dining area. Corridor kitchens are cramped, but they can still be great places to cook if some planning is put into the design.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen and you’re considering a galley kitchen, read through our guide on tips and inspiration for designing a galley kitchen layout.

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